Climate Change Levy Calculator

If you are a UK business and pay for your electricity on a business tariff you may find your electricity bill a bit larger next year. Find out here how much the new Climate Change Levy, that started in April 2001, will cost your company.

See how much the Climate Change Levy will cost your business: just enter the following details and then click the submit button below. The calculation results will then be displayed.

Climate Levy Charge Detail:

kWh used
per annum

Total Annual
Costs £
Electricity £
Gas £
Coal £

National Insurance Rebate Detail:

Total Annual Gross Wages
or Average Gross Annual Wage
No. of Employees

Climate change levy equations and original spreadsheet provided by Swift Consultants Ltd
Converted for use on the web by Amcho Computer Services Ltd

You may use this page/script free of charge on the understanding that no liability or responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage that may be caused.

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