Fax to Email

You can receive faxes in your email inbox

If you have an email account it is now possible for you to receive a fax direct to your email inbox.
Check out the service offered by

efax.com who provide a free fax to email service. Register and get your own US or UK fax number. All faxes to you are then forwarded as email graphic file attachments. I have registered and my UK fax number is 0870 124 6863.

Sending an Email to a Fax machine

There are a number of companies and organisations offering an email to fax service, some charge for the service - some do it for nothing. Try it -: set up an email address in the format remote-printer.Any_Name@441234567890.iddd.tpc.int. where Any_Name is the name of the person who is to receive the fax the 44 indicates a UK fax number and is followed by the actual number of the fax machine. Please note that spaces are not allowed - you can use an underscore('_') instead.
An advert on the bottom of the cover page pays for the fax delivery. You are only allowed to send a limited number of faxes in any one hour - so if you want to send spam - forget it!


Other sources of info:

Email to Fax Resources on the WWW

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Fax
FAQ: How can I send a fax from the Internet?
Alternate Fax Services
Email to fax


The TPC Remote Printing Service that provides the free faxing mentioned above.

http://www.tpc.int/ Home page of the TPC Remote Printing Service
Send an email to tpccover@info.tpc.int for the current coverage of TPC Remote printing. or check out http://www.tpc.int/fax_cover_auto.html
An FAQ is available by email from tpcfaq@info.tpc.int.
To subscribe to the TCP newsgroup send an email to majordomo@info.tpc.int with "subscribe tpc-rp" in the body of the text.

If you are a UK business you can get an 0870 phone number free of charge and receive 1p per min. whenever someone calls you. National rates apply to your callers. Please click the banner below for more details.

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