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A link exchange with a difference
Choose any web page - create a link to it
The page your visitor sees will include your affilliate link

Increase your traffic
get other webmasters to link to your pages
by allowing them to substitute their own affiliate code when they link to you

To create a link from your webpage: Visit the pages below and chose those that best match the content on your website. When you are ready you may set up the link yourself or click in the check box next to the pages you would like to link to, then enter your own affiliate id in the section provided and click the submit button. You will be sent an email with the appropriate html code to create your links. Once you have created your links your pages may be submitted for inclusion in our index.

To submit your webpage: Any web page that includes one or more of the supported affiliate links may be submitted to our index. We will need your web page address so we can check the contents, and your email address so that we can spam you! Only joking - we will use your email address primarily to communicate with you about the swap a link program. To protect against unauthorised use of people's content you will need to amend the page to indicate that it may be used in the program, full details will be emailed to you.

To create a link

1. Chose the page(s) you wish to link to and select the affiliate program that you want to substitute your link for (you can go directly to step 2 if you want the default, ie: all pages to substitute your Make Your Site Sell (MYSS) link:)


  This Page : Swap links with other webmasters. Improve your website content. Increase revenue from your site. Increase your traffic. A free link exchange with a difference.
Links: MYSS


  Make Your Site Sell Workshop. Based on the ebook of the same name by Ken Evoy<
Links: MYSS


  Sell More from your Web Site: A collection of resources, books, tapes, online workshops to help maximize website sales revenue and profit.. US version.
Links: MYSS

2. Enter Your Own Affiliate Id:

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Link (xxxxxx is where your id will be)

Enter Your Id Below

Make Your Site Sell

xxxxxx.sitesell.com (if this format please enter the full url)

Internet Marketing Challenge

(affiliate signup page)

Internet Marketing Proshop


One And Only

Other affiliate programmes will be added soon. (details)
Your Email:
Privacy Policy: Your email address will only be used to communicate with you with regard to the Swap a Link system. It will not be sold nor hired to any third party.
3. Get your Link Code
Click on this button and we will send you an email with your html code ready for you to paste into your web page

To submit your webpage:

If you have a web page with great content submit your URL below to have your page included in our index and have other webmasters link to your page.





Your Email:



Privacy Policy: Your email address entered above will only be used to communicate with you with regard to this link server programme. It will not be sold nor hired to any third party.    

Submit your page above - our spider will visit you and extract the details from your meta tags (if you have not set up meta tags yet do it now - instructions) To guard against unauthorised submissions you will need to add a small link anywhere on your page, either to any other page in the programme or back to this page. You can use the following HTML code:

<a href="http://amcho.com/scrunch.pl?page=amcho.com/swapalink.htm&afcode1=sitesell.com/amcho.html">swapalink</a>
<a href="
Remember to change amcho and 12369 above to your own affiliate id.

For the best results avoid submitting pages with just one affiliate link - unless you do not mind someone else being credited if their visitor clicks on the link - but then again you would not have had the visitor in the first place and he may decide to explore the rest of your site!

It is probably only worth submitting pages that include one or more of the affiliate programs described above - otherwise why should someone link to them.

Problems, comments etc: send an email to SwapaLink@amcho.com

This page is listed in the Swap a Link index: Use the following code to link to this page and substitute your own affiliate code on the page your visitor will see. Change xxxxx to your own id.
<a href="http://amcho.com/scrunch.pl?page=amcho.com/swapalink.htm&afcode1=sitesell.com/xxxxx.html">swapalink</a>


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