Things change fast on the net - two years ago when this page was first written £10 a month for internet access was a good deal, now almost everybody is offering free access (at local call rates). And in some cases free access is starting to mean unmetered access without the local call charges.

Last year I signed up with LineOne/Quip for unmetered internet access, and almost immediately they announced that the service would be discontinued at the end of September 2000. So I have yet another unused callbox to add to my collection! More info can be found on the following page

If you have been following my newsletters you will know that I have previously tried signing up with callnet800. I have now signed up with freeserve for their unmetered access for 10 per month; it seems to be a bit slow and from time to time I am getting a 'line is busy' message but overall the service seems to be OK.

Since freeserve upped their price to 15 pounds per month I have now moved to NTL, they charge 15 pounds per month but this includes upto 15 pounds worth of not internet phone calls.

You may also want to see the Ziff Davis article on unmetered access at

Jan 2001: Great Universal Stores have bought/rescued the ISP

BT Openworld

Try AOL now, Best Offer Yet!

New Internet Call Packages from Freeserve
Freeserve HomeTime surf at evenings and weekends, for 8.99 per month.
Freeserve AnyTime gives you Internet calls any time of the day or night for 12.99 per month.
Free internet access if you spend 20 per month on ordinary calls. (I tried signing up with them last April but nothing happened). It appears that this service has also been discontuinued.

For other list of free UK ISPs see: - The Net 4 Nowt, also includes lots of other net freebies!. UK and US ISP ratings, - see how good your prospective ISP really is.

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