Free Internet Access in the UK

It is amazing how fast things change on the internet. Two years ago when this page was first written £10 a month for internet access seemed like a good deal, now almost everybody is offering free access at local BT rates, and now free access is starting to mean no call charges at all in return for a small monthly charge .

Have a look at the Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications page also see:
50.00 (including VAT) per annum for unmetered access to the Internet via 0800 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year

NTL £15 (but this includes phone calls)

AOL £15 per month (formerly but you have to give up BT and use LocalTel to get 24/7 free internet access)     

BT Openworld

For other list of free UK ISPs see:

0845 access with 50Mb free web space and unlimited email accounts
We hope soon to be able to offer an 0800 dial in service for a small monthly/annual payment will keep you informed.
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