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Welcome Back
Long Domain Names
Buying and Selling Domain Names

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Welcome Back

If you are reading this you and your computer system must have survived the millennium bug
well done.
But before you start congratulating yourself stop a minute and ask yourself a few questions:
What programs have I not run yet this century?
Is there a month end routine or an archive routine that may yet totally screw things up?
When does your year end, and what routines will you be running for the first time at your year end?

So play safe - do not overwrite that backup from last year yet, and make sure you have decent backups before running any procedures for the first time this year.

Long Domain Names

One of the 'big' happennings on the web is the availability of long domain names, over 60 characters rather than the old limit of about 20.

All the internet marketing gurus are saying get your long domain name now while stocks last and create your domain name stuffed full of keywords to drive trillions of visitors with their electronic wallets to your web site.

The idea is that you decide what keywords a searcher is most likely to use when he wants to buy the sort of product or service that you provide.
You then register two .com domains with the keywords embedded in the name, one with hyphens between each keyword one without. You then create a web page to sell your product and ensure that the page contains a reasonable number of the keywords.
The pages are then submitted to the search engines in the hope that they appear at the top of the results for your targeted keywords.

Sounds like a good idea, and for an investment of less than $100 probably worth trying. Apparently thousands of such domains are being registered on a daily basis.

Before rushing out and registering thousands of domain names stuffed full of your keywords, let's consider some of the possible drawbacks:
will the search engines really give such pages a top ranking?
What about the possibility of duplicate pages being dropped by the search engines?
How much effort will you need to put in to create each page to contain unique content?

When trying to score high on search engines always remember that the search engines want to serve up good relevant content filled pages to their searchers.
So the first, most important, trick is to have your pages full of good content. A secondary consideration is how to create a good title, meta tags and domain names.

Buying and Selling Domain Names

As well as the new 'long' domains it is still possible to buy a good short domain name. In addition to the obvious .com domains it may be worth considering a .net or .org domain. The restrictions on these have now been relaxed if not entirely dropped. The original idea was that
.org domains were for non profit organisations
.net for network services.

There are also the other domain endings such as .cc .ac .nu .to which were allocated to individual countries but have been made available for everyone.

There were a lot of people who registered domain names when payment could be made on account who believe that paying bills is an optional extra.
A lot of these .com domains are now starting to come back onto the market due to non payment and can be picked up at a reasonable price.

With the news that sold for $7.5 million a whole industry dedicated to buying and selling and trading in domain names has gone into overdrive.

Now, how much would be worth?

For more info about long domain names and domain name trading and valuing please check out the following links:

To research keywords:

To research domain names: Register your .com .net .org long domain name

Other pages:

Spam Bots Update

Last month we looked into some ways of protecting email addresses on web pages from being harvested by spam bots. It would appear that most spam bots can, at the moment, be foiled by using a simple cgi script. So instead of coding a mailto tag as follows:
<a href=""></a>

I now use a cgi scripts as follows:

<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>

so far I have received 7 spam messages to this address over a two month period, the test above should tell us exactly which email address is found by the spam bots. I'll update you with the details in the next newsletter. If you want the code have a look at the December newsletter at

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