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Introduction and Donate a Meal
More on Long Domain Names
Passports for Pets (advert)
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This issue of the February newsletter is a bit late, but at least it will come out during the correct month, It may be the 1st of March in the UK but in the USA it is still the 29 Feb.

One reason for the late appearance of this newsletter is that I spent quite a bit of time revamping the Cornwall Methodist Church web site at

Please have a look - feedback would be appreciated.
In particular - while you are there click on the link to

The Hunger Site belongs to the United Nations Food programme and they have set up a "donate a meal" button. All you do is click the button and the meal is funded by the advertisers. No purchase needed - totally free to you - but if you do want to purchase something so much the better. Use the link below - the hunger site is at the top of the page:

More on Long Domain Names

Ken Envoy of Make Your Site Sell recently poured some cold water over the long domain names 'mania': ---

If you stop to think for a moment about the enormity/complexity of Search Engine ranking, it's just not logical to think that a string of letters in a domain name will be of much importance in determining relevance. There are just too many other way-more-important factors. And for another thing, what separates the words -- how does the engine even decide where one word stops and the next starts? Underscores? Dashes? Or nothing? Of course, I guess we should just buy every permutation and combination... "just to really lock it up!" Right? Here's the bottom line on long domain names... If you absolutely can't find a nice short domain that tells your story, longer domains *do* provide some flexibility. So it's nice to know the option exists. But that's it. The minimal (if any!) edge of your keyword string appearing in a 67 letter domain can NOT begin to justify the expense of running out and "locking up" a whole bunch of domain names, Good selling is simply matching the right products to the right people with the right needs at the right price and at the right time. It's not about tricking folks out of their money.

If you want to read more 'words of wisdom' Ken produces three ezines relating to 'Make Your Site Sell': If you want to look at some other examples:

SITE SELL! is available free to anyone who signs up. This particular issue is a powerful case study that shows the reader how to make a site that SELLS!

THE FIVE PILLAR AFFILIATE REPORT is for affiliates only, you will need to subscribe to the affiliate program, but you can sign up free: This issue concentrates on the importance of pree-selling your customers before sending them to your affiliate link:

SALES FROM THE EDGE is only available to those who have purchased the Make Your Site Sell book, but you can have a quick preview at Most "latest and greatest" Net developments simply waste our time. Today's "hot new technology" is tomorrow's "whatever happened to... ?" But occasionally, something comes along that sticks. When that happens, we publish The EDGE, which explains how you can best take advantage of it. This particular issue is "the definitive work on how to get the most bang for your buck at RealNames."

Passports for Pets (advert)

If you live in the UK you are probably aware that you can have a microchip implanted beneath the skin on your pet, and take it abroad with you and not worry about having the animal go into quarantine on its return.

This is great if your pet is a cat or dog, but the Society for the Preservation of Stick Insects as Pets requests that you send a letter to your MP asking that stick insects be allowed to be processed via the old system till the size of microchips has been reduced further.


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