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Is your site really as fast as you think?
Nigerian Scam.
Internet Shopping.
Web Sites worth visiting.
What do you get if you cross a deep fat fryer with a monkey?

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Is your site really as fast as you think it is?

You have built your web site with all the latest multimedia add-ons, whenever you check your site it all works perfectly and loads in a flash.

Beware - it may not be as good as you think:

I created a web site, and phoned the client to get his feedback on the general look and feel. The initial draft version contained some very large graphics that took ages to load, so I warned him about the graphics: 'Have a look, it is just a mock-up and will load very slowly, I just want your feedback on the general look and feel'. I stressed the point about the graphics. 'Oh, that loaded fast' was the reaction. 'Are we talking about the same site.' I thought. 'maybe I don't need to do anything about those graphics after all!' I later realised that the customer was reloading the graphics from the cache on his own machine and not from the actual web site.

So if you want to test your own site, first clear your cache, then make sure your connection to the net is no better than your average visitor, and only then take a look - you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Nigerian Scam?

Have just received a couple of emails with a subject line of PRIVATE BUSINESS PROPOSAL.

Sounds really good - all I need do is give them my bank account details and they will use my account to stash away 3100000000 US$ and pay me 20% for the use of my account.

Now, what is 20% of lots and lots of zeroes?

My bank account details are not exactly a state secret, after all anyone I send a cheque to will know them, so what is the catch?

I haven't subscribed,
but if you have or have been caught by this or other scams send me an email.

To be continued.......

Internet Shopping

I went supermarket shopping on the internet last night.
So much better than our normal supermarket trips:

When we have totally run out of everything, and the cat is threatening to leave home unless he gets some regular kattykins, and no-one talks to us 'cos the deodorant run out a week ago, and we have started buying extra newspapers at the local newsagents, a trip to the supermarket is planned.

In the morning just after breakfast (just bread and water as the jam and the coffee have run out) The List is prepared, all the cupboards are ransacked to see what is missing (everything?), the next month's consumption is carefully planned, down to the smallest detail (cornflakes three weeks on Monday), and finally we are ready.

The kids really enjoy supermarket shopping, there is so much to do; you can play dodgems with the trolleys - extra loyalty points for knocking over little old ladies, or join in the fun with all the other children and entertain the customers by running around shrieking, or just spend the whole hour whinging and being underfoot and in the way.

The whole thing door to door usually takes about two hours (it just feels a lot longer).

Well, we signed up with Tesco Direct, they sent us the CD, it loaded with no problems, twenty minutes on line to update the latest products and price.
Preparing The List was a doddle, just click on what you want and it goes into your shopping basket, there is a running total displayed, and there is a handy search facility, you can change your mind at the click of the mouse.
Finally when you are ready - go online again for a few seconds - and that's it.

A day later all your shopping is delivered, you do not even have to carry it down from the car.

One drawback,
there is not a single packet of cashew nuts in the house!
next time I will have to personally check that all the important necessities have been ordered!

So - if you haven't done it yet - try online supermarket shopping.

If you are in the UK check out
the prices are better than those advertised in their catalogue.

Web Sites worth visiting.

This is a random list of web sites that I think are worth visiting, some I have been to, some sounded interesting at the time:

If you are looking for a supplier, or customer:

Check if your required .com or domain name is still available:

What do you get if you cross a deep fat fryer with a monkey?

A Chip Pan Zee.




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