Make your Site Sell - a day by day diary - Day 2

Which product should I sell?

The first obvious route to sucess is to try to promote and sell the 'Make Your Site Sell' book, but that will be just one (minor?) part of this exercise. The second route will be to promote one or more of the following web sites. I have my own idea which one it is but am open to suggestions - so your vote would be appreciated:

Please vote for your choice of which site is to be used in the experiment. by clicking on the link on the left

Vote for
votes cast: 4 25/July/99 UK Bed and Breakfast website 
This site was set up some three months ago to sell web sites to UK bed and breakfast establishments. This web site is now live and has about 20 visitors (50 hits per day).
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Vote for UK Haulier website
This site was set up some three months ago with the intention of selling web sites to UK hauliers.
Not yet live and still under construction - 0 hits per day.
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Vote for
votes cast: 1 25/July/99 International Business Travel and Holiday
This site is dormant - it still receives some 20 visits per day (30 hits) mostly from outdated links.
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Vote for this workshop
votes cast:2 25/July/99

This Make your Site Sell Workshop
Just started this - about 30 visitors on the 25/July thanks to the plug from Allan Gardyne of (note how easy it is to ge a link to your own site! Especially as link popularity is used by some search engines in deciding site rankings )

Vote for 0870 (UK only)

UK only - you can get an 0870 national rate number and get paid a small amount whenever you get called. Calls are charged to your callers at the standard national rate.
  If you have any comments, questions or observations please email me. Anything interesting will be posted on our feedback form.

Thats it for today - if you haven't done so yet - go now and sign up as an affiliate and download all the free info from then come back and let me know what you think.

Day 1 - initial impressions, goal definition.
Day 2 - how the goal will be achived
Day 3 - review the 5 pillars affiliate system documentation.
Day 4 - MYSS Book extract - Submit to Yahoo.

Mike Choroszewski

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