Make your Site Sell - a day by day diary - Day 4

Yahoo Submission (3rd attempt)

Of the free downloaded info from the Make Your Site Sell - 5 Pillar Affiliate program web site the pages on Yahoo Submission seemed the most promising to implement. I have tried to get listed in Yahoo a couple of times and failed, so this should be a good test. I have managed to get the site into most other directories including two listings from (now

Yahoo Submission Details:
Title: Tamar Embroideries
Description: design and produce embroidery, cross stitch, tapestry and silk painting kits
Possible Categories: * 2 * * 1 *
Comments: Tamar Embroideries is a new company that has been in business for just over a year, designing our own range of cross stitch, tapestry and silk painting kits. We have had some favorable editorial in a number of UK craft magazines including Creative Crafts and Crafts Beautiful. We have also been mentioned on the crossstitch and needlepoint pages of (formerly The MiningCo):
Other Details:
Tamar Embroideries, Little Honeycombe, Tamar Way, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9DH, England. Email:

Tel: 01822 833099
Notes on the new submission - As per the book I have shortened the Title and Description fields dramatically and removed anything that could be considered 'marketing hype' such as 'beautiful', 'unique', 'attractive'. Maybe I should have also left out the silk painting as this does not really fit under embroidery - maybe the web site should be split into two - one for embroidery and one for silk painting. I will probably submit to the directory as we are a uk based company - also we do not accept credit cards (yet) which makes us less attractive to an international audience. One of the best tips from the documentation is to write down what you have done - I keep trying to remember what I did last time that I did not get in. By documenting it all you will not repeat the mistakes you made last time. For information I have tried to reconstruct my previous yahoo submission from memory - see it here
Having finally got all the info together the site was submitted to yahoo on Friday 23 July 1999. Still no joy at the end of August, looking through my logs not even a visit. The book says to resubmit every few weeks but due to
other commitments I will resubmit early in September and will update this page as and when there is anything more to report. Hopefully there will be no need for another yahoo submit page!

Other Pages on Yahoo Submission:

While you are waiting for your yahoo submission to be accepted or rejected here are some more places and ideas to promote your site: Provides information on promoting your web site - while you are there subscribe to their excelent newletter.
associateprograms newsletter 49 67 ways to boost your web traffic My own submit page - only start submitting when your pages have the title and meta tags set up (and do as I say and not as I do - check they are correct - apologies to all the unhappy cross-stitchers who went to my page on setting up a web site before I corrected the meta tags.)

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