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in addition to the make your site sell ebook the program now also includes make your knowledge sell, an ebook on how to create your own info product and make your price sell a web based program that will help you calculate your own ideal price.

This is the feedback digest of the Make Your Site Sell interactive workshop. Please send any comments questions or answers to or use our feedback form.

If you haven't done so yet - go now and sign up as an affiliate and download all the free info from then come back and join this interactive workshop. Remember this will work much better if you participate - even if all you say is hello - at least I will know that there is someone out there taking part. All feedback relating to this workshop will be collected and a digest made available here.

If replying to any message please include the reference so I can put it in the right place. I have just downloaded the discuss message board software - so that should take the place of this page when I have got it up and running.

From: "Conrad King" <>
Hello Mike,
I was doing a search with info seek express for site sales and this came up number 1 pretty good. I have the MYSS book and affiliate manual just about finished with the book, it is a long read on the screen. Very informative. will move on to the manual next. I have not read any of the posts yet but I will return again this looks like a very good ideal.
"Make Your Site Sell" is the Best e-commerce manual ever written.

Thanks Conrad.

From: Robb <>
My site is . We are an art gallery in Golden Colorado. We are sort of an eclectic gallery featuring original paintings, prints, sculpture, and some terrific Mata Ortiz pottery and Oaxacan wood carvings.

I have had the same problem as you have expressed .... sitting down and "doing it"! I have been involved in trying to set up a shopping cart for our site, and also using WebPosition Gold. Are you familiar with this program? Very good for analyzing your site and submitting to various search engines based on their particular requirements.

So, I have not completed any of these things!

Rob - as I said in my email my main problem is also getting 'round to it' - I have been sitting on the customer profile page for almost a week - the day 4 yahoo submission was my way of avoiding sitting down and doing it. There is always something else that needs doing which is more fun or interesting. What we all need is focus - keep in mind what our main aim is and do it. I have finally made a start on the customer groups for
day 5 of the workshop. That is in spite of being side tracked by yahoo submissions and installing a discussion board at

AC01 Thanks to all the following who sent feedback:

AB01 I took your advice and joined loads of newsgroups and posted an ad for MYSS in them all (252 in all) it took me hours - I worked my butt off for you guys and you b**** have terminated my affiliate account and I have been terminated by my ISP and have had my inbox filled with some very unpleasant and rude messages. WHY? Jason D.

AB02 You totally misunderstood - and have broken the number one rule DO NOT SPAM! What you did is the off line equivalent of walking into a restaurant and sitting down at each table and telling the diners about your latest favorite business idea.
What is acceptable (in some newsgroups) is to post relevant messages and answers and include a one or two line 'motto' saying who you are and mentioning your own web site. Read the rules first and lurk a bit to check what are the acceptable norms of behavior - remember a regular participant will be allowed a lot more leeway than a total unknown. Be polite. Consider the audience. Mike.

AB03 To the idiot who keeps mailing me about cookie cutter - you are wasting your time - your postings are not relevant here. Mike.

AA01 So what do you know that makes you so clever that you think you can teach us anything about selling on the web. Have you actually sold anything? John S.

AA02 Thanks John for your email. My only qualification for running this workshop is that I know very little about selling on the web or anywhere else. I feel that this makes me uniquely qualified to run this workshop as it is unlikely that I will start talking down to any of the participants. This is why I have called it a workshop not a course. Mike.

Day 1 - initial impressions, goal definition.
Day 2 - how the goal will be achieved
Day 3 - The 5 pillars affiliate system - documentation.
Day 4 - MYSS Book extract - Submit to Yahoo.

Mike Choroszewski

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