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I was introduced to the 'Make your site sell' affiliate program in June 1999 by the Associate Programs newsletter. I have played with a few (too many) programs with some very limited success, and like most webmasters who want to take their site into the world of e-commerce the MYSS program seemed like what I have been looking for. There are other similar programs out there - but somehow this one got me hooked: good product - good price - generous affiliate program.

So I subscribed as an affiliate and downloaded all the free info available. There is a lot - and it is of a good quality. Possibly too good as it will take me a month to read through and implement some of the ideas (so I will not need to pay up for the book - yet).

These pages have been created with two aims - the first is to persuade you, the reader, to buy the book, so I can make loads of money and retire J The other is to move my own web business into a full time paying proposition.

C  Go for it   70% If you have any comments, questions or observations please email me or use the feedback form to send me an (anonymous) message. Anything interesting will be posted on our feedback page.
D  Forget it 30%

If you haven't done so yet - go now and sign up as an affiliate and download all the free info from then come back and let me know what you think. Please note the days below are virtual days - if you are only doing this part time then change days to weeks or even months.

Day 1 - initial impressions, goal definition.
Day 2 - how the goal will be achieved
Day 3 - 5 pillars affiliate program documentation review.
Day 4 - MYSS Book extract - Submit to Yahoo.
Day 5 - Target your Customers
Day 6 - HTML and META tags and Search Engines.

I have been thinking about starting up a mailing list - no promises about frequency - I have seen too many that have started up producing good quality stuff then the quality falls off - so I'll only send it out when I have something of interest to say.
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