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Fleece the net newcomer!
Paranoia - Big Brother is Watching You
Junk Email and Junk Faxes
Helpline Digest domains

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Fleece the net newcomer

Judging by the number of spams I am receiving on how to market to internet newcomers - it would appear that someone has declared open season. No harm in marketing or helping, but spam implies rip-off!

If you are such a newbie - save yourself a lot of grief and just send all your spare cash to me, my bank details are BSC = 12 34 56 account 12345678.

Otherwise you can take a few common sense and simple precautions. Even on the net there is no such thing as a free meal (unless you are the free meal!), if something is free or a very good deal stop and think 'what is in it for them?' ask yourself are you the bee after the pollen or the fly in the venus fly trap.

I am still trying to work out why someone promising me lots and lots of money - instantly and without any effort on my part, wants me to send them money up front. Would it not save a lot of admin if they just sent me my profits after deducting their cut?



I'm not paranoid,

it's just that I know the world is out to get me, and I can provide copies of a dozen or so emails with the happy99.exe virus attached to prove it.

If you think it safe to get out of bed in the morning and wish to continue in this happy delusion please skip to the next section.

It is a fact that there are low-lifes out there that would love to trash your PC and cause untold damage, otherwise who else is writing all those viruses.

There are a number of legitimate web sites that will ask you for the address of a file on your hard disk and then upload that file. (banner exchanges are an example).

So, unless I am mistaken, all a web site needs to know is the name of a file on your hard disk to be able to read that file! OK you may need to click on a button, but who would suspect an innocent sounding button named something like 'Don't Panic - Click Here'?

Have you noticed that in internet explorer when you enter a password it is remembered. The next time the password is required it is entered for you automatically, really useful. I would guess that there is a file somewhere on my computer with all these passwords neatly stored and ordered. OK, the info is probably encripted, but would you like every tom dick and harry reading this file?


Cookies, are very useful things a webmaster can use to store information about you on your PC. Cookies are often used by affiliate logging systems to log who introduced a visitor, Cookies can also can be used to store your password to save you bothering to reenter it every time you visit a particular web site. Cookies can be used to store your name and the last time you visited a web site - very useful when used to display information that has changed since your last visit. Cookies can also be used to store your purchases while you are using a shopping cart. We are assured that cookies can only return information to the web site that has set them. So allowing them to be set should be quite safe, and the web sites that you have visited are a private matter between you and the website. But try the following three urls from different websites:

Get your own cookie from me at

Now go to a totally different web site, say

And finally goto another totally different website

feedback and questions and comments to

Junk Email and Junk Faxes

I have just received a junk email with an invitation
to register my fax number on a
national no-fax database!!!

I have just started a
national no fraud database -
just send me your credit card details......!!!!

Helpline Digest

From time to time I am asked for advice about the internet, web sites etc. Any interesting questions and answers are reproduced below. The names of the innocent and the guilty have been disguised.

Helpline Digest - Search Engines

I used your advice and added my website to the search engines using (i'm very honest and have added their icon to my site).

Also worth trying is VirtualPromote Jimtools, use the link on

Can I add further pages in my web site to the search engines
Yes - to stay safe of spamming the Search Engines I only submit a maximum of one page a day and then only after doing changes to the page or creating a new page. I then change the main index page for the web site to indicate the change and resubmit that last.

I have been advised that it is bad practice
to add meta tags to every page on the site.

Disagree totally!
Each page is about a different subject, the meta tags describe what that particular page is about, so every page should have its own meta tags. What you should never do is have the SAME meta tags on each page of your site - better not to have them then confuse the search engines and possibly fall foul of the spam filters. 90% of my traffic from search engines does not see my front page. You must write each page assuming that it will be the first page your visitor will see.


When using Front Page it is easy to create pages with spaces in the web page address. This can cause problems, for example Boat%20Hire.htm does not look very nice while Boat Hire.htm can be confusing, especially if mentioned in an email, better to call it

the last is my (current) preference, in particular if boat hire is a targetted search term.


Helpline Digest - Email Tips

When sending a web site address make it clickable by putting the address on a separate line and preceding it with http:// and never put a full stop at the end of a web address. so instead of " look at " use Please look at


Helpline Digest - Feedback

Please send your comments and questions to Your question and reply may be reproduced in a future newsletter. The names of the innocent and the guilty will be disguised. domains

If you are in the UK and want your own domain it would appear that most (all?) three letter domains have gone. There are still lots of 4 letter domains remaining, for example: AAAB.CO.UK AAAC.CO.UK AAAF.CO.UK AAAG.CO.UK AAAJ.CO.UK AAAK.CO.UK are all available.

You can check if your name has gone at and then reserve it at from 25 pounds plus VAT for two years for or 50 pounds plus VAT for two years for .com or for 250 pounds plus VAT we will create your website and host it for a year. Price includes three web pages optimised and submitted to search engines, domain registration and all naming fees for one year. Just send us your brochures with an initial deposit of 50 pounds and we will do the rest for you.


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