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Of the free downloaded info from the Make Your Site Sell - 5 Pillar Affiliate program web site the pages on Yahoo Submission seemed the easiest and most promising to implement. I have just finished creating a web site for a dental practice in Tavistock Devon and have decided to try and get it into yahoo. The address of the website is The web site is on the small side with just five pages initially.



Yahoo Submission Details:
Title: Dr Andrew Brown Dental Practice
Description: A private dental practice specialising in endodontics and restorative procedures in Tavistock, Devon, UK.
Possible Categories: (1) (1)
The following would have been OK but being a commercial site I think it should be listed under business and Economy

Other Details:
Dr. Andrew Brown
30A Brook Street, Tavistock, Devon, UK, PL19 0HE
Tel: 01822 617788
Notes on this submission - I have tried to limit the Title and Description to less than 15 words. Also note the rule about commercial sites having to be listed in Business and Economy. One of the best tips from the documentation is to write down what you have done - I keep trying to remember what I did the last time both on which was listed and and which I have not managed to get listed yet. By documenting it all, mistakes should be avoided, while success repeated (I hope). Also the notes can be reused when submitting listings to other directories such as Looksmart and Snap.

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