Make your Site Sell - a day by day diary - Day 5

Targeting Customers

  Quick Recap: We will grow the 5 Pillar Business as large as we want to grow it. I keep telling my teenage daughter that she can be anything she wants to but she must work at it - the same applies to the 5 Pillar Program. It is not a get rich quick scheme - maybe a 'get rich slowly scheme' that will reward hard work - so don't give up your day-time job (just yet).  

  To quote from the manual 'You are at the right place at the right time in history. The flow of entrepreneurs coming on line will increase to a torrent for the next few years. We will grow as we OVERdeliver to meet their needs. Do what it takes to succeed... '  

  So this evening, rather than watching TV, we are going to Target our Customer.
Before we market MYSS we need to get to know who Our Customer is. If you have bought the book review the Know Your Customer chapter in MYSS, especially how to make a thumbnail sketch of your customer (you can
buy the book here or read on anyway).

  OK, so my Target Customer for the book is you, the visitor to this site. You can always make my life easier and tell me all I want to know about you by sending me an email or filling in the feedback form or phoning 0870 740 7683 if you are in the UK. This is dead easy when you actually get down to it. Just sit down with a blank piece of paper and write down anything that comes to mind. You will get really fast at it. This exercise has already been useful as it has forced me to realise that I am aiming at more than one similar but different group of customers. It would be interesting to see how many readers consider themselves in one or more or none of the categories. Please click on one or more of the 'yes that's me' or the 'no way' buttons below - I'll update this page with the results.  

  Target Customer1: Webmaster (may be also running a business but has a website already set up or is planning one). Most will be male, age 25 - 55 (I know most web masters are at the bottom of this age range - but I want to include myself). Intelligent, well educated, will read a quality newspaper, happy with technology, subscribes to one or two computer magazines, probably lives in the US, has a well paid job, may have reached a ceiling, looking for a change, enjoys technology but is not happy in a selling situation, may be looking for a career change, does the webmaster bit part time. Vote: 'yes that's me' or 'no way'  

  Target Customer2: Business Owner, has a website already set up or is planning one, Aged 35 - 55. As with the webmasters above the business owner will be Intelligent, well educated, and read a quality newspaper, reasonably happy with using technology, probably lives in the US, self employed, will see the internet as an opportunity, uses technology as a tool but is happier in a selling situation or people to people situation, does the webmaster bit part time. Vote: 'yes that's me' or 'no way'  

  Target Customer3: Apologies to all the women who are following this (I know that there is at least one) I would guess that you will be either the Business Owner and Mother With Children, aged 20 - 40, Intelligent, well educated, reasonably happy with using technology but will see it more as a tool rather than an end in itself. Will also read one or two 'lifestyle' magazines, well up on current affairs as she spend a lot of time listening to the radio while doing other jobs. Vote: 'yes that's me' or 'no way'  

  And if you feel that you do not even remotely resemble any of the above groups please indicate by voting none of these and let me know about you by email or feedback form you could end up with a category all to yourself!.

So far most respondents have put themselves in the Target Customer 1 group (Webmasters) with a few in the Target Customer 2 group (Business Owner) - where do you fit in please click on one of the voting links above.

  Right, it is up to you to come back with some feedback on the Customer Targets above so I can revise them. You need to do your own Customer Thumbnails - send me a copy and I will include it on the feedback page don't forget to tell me about your web site. Do it now - one paragraph describing your web site or business and one paragraph with your target customers -email them to me and I'll post the details.  

  In Day 6 we were going to look at the benefits that MYSS can deliver to the individual customer target groups, and then look at ways to reach the targeted groups. Unfortunately I have fallen in the the trap of getting side tracked again - so Targeting Cusomers will now be postponed till later (unless I get overwhelmed with feedback to the contrary). Instead for Day 6 we will be a going back to basics about getting your web page ready for the search engines. I will try to explain in simple terms what META tags are and how to use them. For those who know it back to front I will unveil a handy little tool for checking your web page statistics. If you want to read more on customer targetting have a look at my page on Applying the MYSS ideas to Swap - a - Link.  

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