Make your Site Sell - a day by day diary - Day 10

Applying the MYSS ideas to Swap - a - Link.

In the early days of the Internet it was usual for web sites to link to each over. These links were mainly done on the basis of one webmaster finding a site with content that he likes and creating a link to it. Such links were found to be very good at generating traffic. Soon everybody was asking for 'reciprocal links' - if I give you some traffic can I have some visitors too. Then came along the 'banner exchanges' you just put a banner on your page and do not even need to visit the other sites. Now with most websites paying affiliates to link to them everyone expects to be paid for creating a link!

Personally I like the idea of webmasters linking to each other's websites. So to encourage linking just on the merits of the linked to content I have started to develop the Swap a Link system. This is a partial solution for webmasters who belong to various affiliate programmes. The idea is simple: You link to my page. I get some extra traffic. You get credited if the visitor clicks on an affiliate link on my page.

The Product.

The Swap a Link system tries to encourage links to pages on the merit of their content. In exchange for the extra traffic the page that the visitor sees will contain the linking webmasters affiliate code in place of the linked-to webmasters code.

Customer Profile.

The customer is a webmaster who is a member (or a potential member) of one or more affiliate programmes. He realises that to make anything of the programme he must do more than throw up a couple of banners. He also knows that the only way to get visitors is to provide good content.

A webmaster with some experience will already have a number of good, content rich pages. He will have joined a few affiliate programmes that mesh with the theme of his web site. and scattered links to these about his web site. He would still appreciate some extra traffic, and be prepared to forgo the benefit of a possible click on his affiliate programme in return for the traffic. Such a webmaster should be submitting his pages to the system.

Any webmaster who knows the importance of giving his visitors something new, relevant or interesting will be constantly on the look out for pages on the web that will be of interest to his web site visitors. If such a page could be linked to using the Swap - a - Link system then everyone will benefit.

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