Make your Site Sell - a day by day diary - Day 7

The Affiliate Agreement

One of the things that I dislike about some affiliate agreements is that you are not allowed to sell to yourself. This is also true of the 5 pillar affiliate program: You are not allowed to become an affiliate and then buy the book and keep the commission for yourself.

So what is the difference?

Look at what happens to the commission. In the case of the 5PP the commission goes to your team leader - the person who introduced you to the program. If you introduce someone to the program it goes to you. So if you are an affiliate the 'no self selling' rule is in your favour if you sell the book to just two affiliates.

One more gripe is the number of programs that do not seem to have mastered the use of cookies and other methods of tracking refferrals. Check any program that asks the visitors to enter a referral code; if they are not tracking visitors in any other way you are probably wasting your time.

On the subject of Affiliate programs I have just downloaded the extract from the Make Your Site Sell book on Affiliate Programs This extract deals with affiliate programs from the point of view of the program owner rather than the affiliate. About the only bit of advice the MYSS program does not follow is to provide a forum and chat room - maybe this workshop will fill that hole. If you are going to try to make an income from affiliate programs it is worth downloading this chapter to see it from the sponsors point of view.

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Day 7 -
Affiliate Programme Agreements
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