Make your Site Sell - a day by day diary - Day 9

Lets Create some MYSS Advert Pages

  We have looked at the 5 pillar programme - it is now time to create some pages that we hope will get in some traffic and send the visitors to the sitesell website. So here is my first page. The final version will be at doesyourwebsitesell.htm please see the bottom of the page for comments etc.  

Does Your Website Sell?

Before building traffic to your website
make certain that your visitors will buy when you get them there.

Download 'Make Your Site Sell'
and get your site ready to convert those visitors into cash.




There are hundreds of ads for websites saying that they will make you into an internet millionaire. I have investigated a few and they range from the out and out scam, where you send your money off and get nothing in return, to those that promise a reasonable income in return for hard work. It is obvious to me that anything that promises untold riches without any effort may reward the few who get in early enough but the vast majority are doomed to failure.

Of the various schemes that appear to be genuine I have looked into the 'Make Your Site Sell' and the associates program that goes with it in some detail. This is one that I feel stands a good chance to reward those that download the book as well as those that decide to try to make something of the associates program. At 17 US$ this course is the best value for money you will find. But before paying out for the book you must check out all the useful information that you can download for free. You can join the associates program and not purchase the book, and I would recommend this as a good way of getting a feel for the book before parting with any cash.

Have a look and see what you think at

If you have downloaded the book or joined the associates program or if you are just interested I am running an interactive workshop where you can exchange ideas, ask questions and get or offer help on any topics that are relevant to building websites. The workshop is at




You can also subscribe to the free 'Make Your Site Sell' e-zine


Comments and Notes

TITLE=Does Your Web Site Sell?
META DESCRIPTION ="Download the e-book that tells you how to make your web site sell. Free download of sample chapters. Free affiliate program."
META KEYWORDS="website,sell,free download,visitors buy,convert visitors,cash,value for money,course,affiliate,associate"

The page doesyourwebsitesell.htm was created and submitted to the search engines using the submit tool at on the 21st October 99, and was immediately visited by some 20 spiders, I will leave the page untouched now and see how things develop and keep you posted. Any questions and/or comments please send me an email and you will probably get posted on this page.

October 2000: The page has been up for a year now, it gets visited regularly by spiders and robots (about 20 visits a month), but hardly any real visitors! A few from search engines and a few from this page.

Day by Day Diary index:

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Day 9 - Creating a MYSS page.
Day 10 - Applying the MYSS ideas to Swap - a - Link.

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Mike Choroszewski

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